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ADETUNJI, Morenike Oluwatoyin (PhD) (Mrs.)

Status: Senior Lecturer

Area of Specialisation:

Professional Affiliations: Member,

Current Research Activities:

-  Determinants of Income Generation among Food        Marketers in Osun     and Oyo state   

- Profitability evaluation of leafy vegetables in         Ogbomoso zone

Office Address: Ghana House


Web page:

Educational Qualification: B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD (Ibadan)

Research Publications:

Adetunji,   M.  O (2004): Marketing Efficiency Of Cashew Nut In Oyo     State. Journal Of Rural Research And Information. Vol 1, No 1 pg 21 –29.

Adetunji, M. O (2004): Comparative Analysis Of Group And          Individual Cassava Processing Methods In Akinyele Local Government Area Of Oyo State. Africa:Journal of Comtemporary Issues. Vol         2 No 2, pp165 – 174.
Adetunji,  M.  O and Adedapo, K.D (2005):  Participation of  Women in Processing And Marketing of Locust Beans In Asa Local Government Area Of Kwara State. Science Focus,,Vol 10           No 2. Pp 6 –12.
 Adedapo, K.D and Adetunji,  M.  O (2005); The Effect Of Rural Entrepreneurship Participation On Poverty Alleviation In Surulere Local Government Area Of Oyo State. Science Focus, , Vol10 No 2. Pp 130-136.
Adetunji, M. O and Ezekiel, A. A.  (2005): Comparative Analysis Of  Pork And Chevon Marketing In Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State.   International          Journal Of Applied Agricultural And Apicultural  Research Vol 2  No 1. Pp 38 - 46.
* W. A. Sanusi and M.O Adetunji (2006): Credit Utilization Among          Small Scale Poultry Farmers In Ibadan, Oyo State. International   Journal of Poultry Sciences, Asian Network for Scientific      information. 5(10)  12-16
* Adetunji, M. O, Adesiyan, I.O and W. A. Sanusi  (2007):  Household Energy Consumption  Pattern in Osogbo Local Government Area of Osun State. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 4 (1), 9-13.
* Adetunji, M. O and Olaniyi, A. O, Raufu, M. O  (2007): Effects of         Advertisement and Sales Promotions on Demand for Dairy Products in          Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria. The Social Sciences.     2(3): 336-339
* Adetunji,   M.  O (2007): Economics of Maize Storage Techniques by Farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 4 (3), 442-450

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