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OLARINDE, Luke Oyesola (PhD)

Dr Olarinde

Status: Senior Lecturer

Area of Specialisation:

Production Economics, Econometrics, Risk and Quantitative analyses, Agricultural Policy Analyses

PROJECT/RESEARCH WORK IN PROGRESS: Technical Efficiency differentials, Risk Aversion and Policy Implications in Maize based Farming in Nigeria. AERC Research

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Research Publications:

    1. Olarinde, L.O., Manyong, V.M. and Akintola, J.O.(2007): Attitudes                              Towards Risk Among Maize Farmers in the Dry  Savanna                                  Zone of Nigeria: Some Prospective policies for Improving       Food Production. African Journal of Agricultural Research,Vol.2, No. 8, pp 399- 408
    2. Ajetomobi, J.O., Ajao, A.O. and Olarinde, L.O. (2006): Supply                                                Analysis for Food Crops in Oil Deregulated Economy.                                                International Journal of Applied Agricultural and Apicultural                          Research. Vol 3 (1 & 2); 144 - 145
  1. Olarinde L.O., J.O. Akintola and O.A. Adeleke (2005). Gender         Characteristics and Productivity Differences Among Maize         Farmers in Oyo State, South-Western Nigeria: Implications for Sustainable Agricultural Development. Journal of Sustainable      Tropical Agricultural Research. Vol. 15: 46 - 51
  2. Okunlola, S.O., Amao, J.O. and Olarinde, L.O. (2005). An analysis of           Agricultural Solid Waste Management and its Effects       Government Spending in Ibadan Metropolis of Oyo State, Nigeria.             Journal of Environmental Extension, vol. 5: 11 – 17
  3. Olarinde, L.O. and F.A. Kuponiyi (2005). Rural Livelihood and Food             Consumption Patterns Among Households in Oyo State, Nigeria:         Implications for Food Security and Poverty Eradication in a             Deregulated Economy, Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 11, No. 2.   pp 127 – 132.
  4. Ajao, A.O., Olarinde, L.O. and Ajetomobi, J.O. (2005). Comparative            Efficiency of Contact and Non-contact Women Farmers in Oyo   State: Application of Data Envelopment Analysis, Journal of             Human Ecology, Vol. 18, No. 1. pp 27 - 30.
  5. Olarinde, L.O., Ajao, A.O. and Ajetomobi, J.O. (2005). Socio-Economic      Characteristics and profitability of the Contact and Non-contact      Farmers in Oyo Agricultural Zone in a Deregulated Economy.         Journal Social Sciences, Vol. 11, No. 3. pp 177 – 181.


    • Olarinde L.O. (2005). Risk Control, Profit Maximization and Optimum            Enterprise Combinations Among Fish Farmers in Osun State,      Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Development, vol. 2,
                  No. 1 pp 45 – 54
    • Olarinde, L.O., Ajetomobi, J.O. and Ajao, A.O. (2005). Analysing     Optimal Farm Plans for Sustainable Livelihood Among Cocoa         Farmers In Ondo State, South-Western Nigeria. InternationalJournal of Applied Agricultural and Apicultural Research,
                  Vol. 1 No. 1 pp 87 – 95.
    • Kuponiyi, F.A. Olarinde, L.O. and Ayanwuyi, E. (2004). Self-Help     Project as a Tool for Community Development: The Case of Igboja         Community Health Center in Ondo State, Nigeria, Journal of             Human Ecology, Vol. 16, No. 1 pp 1-3


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