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AJETOMOBI, Olusegun Joshua (PhD)


Status: Senior Lecturer

Area of Specialisation:

Professional Affiliations: Member,

  • Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria
  • Nigeria Association of Agricultural Economists.
  • Student Member, Nigeria Institute of Marketing.
  • African Economic Research Consortium


Office Address: Ghana House


Web page:

Educational Qualification: B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD (Ife)

Research Publications:

Olarinde L.O, J.O. Ajetomobi and A.O. Ajao (2005). Analysing Optimal Farm Plans for Sustainable Livelihood Among Cocoa Farmers in Ondo State, Southwestern Nigeria. International Journal of Applied Agricultural and Apicultural Research. 1(1):87-95
Okunola, S.O, O. Ajetomobi, F.I Olagunju and O.B Adebiyi (2004). The Economics of Post-Harvest Losses in Ibarapa East and West Local Government Areas of Oyo State, Nigeria. Africa Journal Of Contemporary Issues 2(3):430-438
Ajetomobi J.O (2005). Risk Effects in Cocoa Production in Southwestern Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Tropical Agricultural Research 14:58-63.
Ajetomobi J.O (2005). Risk Management Strategies of Cocoa Producers in Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Tropical Agricultural Research 14:71-80.
 Ajao A.O; Ajetomobi J.O And Olarinde L.O (2005): Comparative Efficiency Of Mechanized And Non-Mechanized Farms In Oyo State Of Nigeria: A Stochastic Frontier     Approach. Journal Of Human Ecology 18(1):27-30
 Olarinde L.O Ajao A.O; And Ajetomobi J.O (2005) :Socio-Economic Characteristics And Profitability Of Contact And Non-Contact Women Farmers In Oyo State: Application Of Data Envelopment Analysis. Journal Of Social Science 11(3): 177-181
 Ajetomobi J O. and Binuomote S O (2006). Risk aversion among egg producers in southwestern Nigeria. International Journal of Poultry Science 5(6): 562 – 565
Ajetomobi J O, Ajao A O and Olarinde L O (2006). Supply analysis for food crops in an oil deregulated economy. International journal of applied agricultural and apicultural research 3(1&2): 144-150.
Ajetomobi J O (2006) Dynamic acreage response of selected individual crops to price risk in Nigeria. African Journal of Economic Policy 13(2): 81-104
Ajetomobi J O, Ayanwale A B and S O Binuomote (2007). Economic Effect of development aids in Nigeria: A cointegration Analysis. Pakistan journal of social sciences 4(1): 92-97

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