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OLADOSU, Ismail Oladeji (PhD)


Status: Reader

Area of Specialisation:

Professional Affiliations: Member,

(1.) Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON)
(2) Horticultural Society of Nigeria (HORTSON)
(3) Nigerian Rural Sociological Association (NRSA)
(4) Children in Agriculture Programme (CIAP)

(5) Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN)

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Educational Qualification: B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD (Ife)

Research Publications:

Oladosu I. O,Oladejo,J.A and Akinniran,T.N.(2004} Evaluation of Women Access to Production Resources in Ede Zone of Osun State, Nigeria: Implications for Gender Relevant Training. Annals of Agricultural Sciences. 3(2): 75-83.
Oladosu I. O, Raufu, M. O.and Ezekiel, A.A. (2005) Economic Analysis and Extension Training needs of Fish farming in Osun State of Nigeria. Research Communications in Fisheries. I(2): 11-16.
Adeola, R. G., Akinboye, O. A.andOladosu I. O. (2005)  Evaluation of Risks Involved in the Adoption of Agrochemical Technology by Farmers in Surulere Local Government Area of Oyo State. Annals of             Agricultural Sciences, 4(1): 15.
Akinboye, O. A,Adeola, R. G.,andOladosu I. O. (2005) Factors Affecting Rural Women Farmers’ Productivity level in Ogo-Oluwa Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria. Annals of Agricultural Sciences, 4(1): 6-11.
Okunade,E.O. and Oladosu, I. O. (2005): Harnessing Leadership Status of Women for participation in women-based projects under a deregulated economy in Osun State of Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Rural Sociology. .5(1&2):17-23.
Oladosu I. O. and Okunade and Shutti, A. A (2005) Economic     Deregulation and the Adoption of recommended Practices of Rural Poultry Keeping in Ola-Oluwa Local Government Area of Osun State. Nigerian Journal of Rural Sociology 5(1&2):149-154.
Oladosu I. O. and Okunade (2004) Attitude of Undergraduate Students towards Agriculture as Future Career: A case study of two Nigerian Universities. International Journal of African Culture and Ideas.  4:82-89.
Oladosu I. O. and Jibowo, A. A. (2005) Role Performance Effectiveness of Contact Farmers and Local Leaders in Osun State of Nigeria. Africa: Journal of Contemporary Issues: 3: 2 and 3 (August and December).
Oladosu I. O.  (2006) Implications of Farmers Attitude toward Extension Agents on Future Extension Programme Planning in Oyo State of Nigeria. Journal of Social  Sciences 12(2):115-118. Delhi 110 006, India.
Oladosu I. O.and Okunade,E.O (2006). Perception of village      Extension  Agents in      the Dissemination of Agricultural Information in Oyo Agricultural Zone of Oyo State, Nigeria (JSS-291).  Journal of Social            Sciences.12(3): 187-191. Delhi 110 006, India.
Ayanwuyi E.,Oladosu,I.O. Ogunlade,I.and Kuponoyi,F.A. (2007) Rural Women Perception of Effects of Deforestation on Their Economic Activities in Ogbomoso Area of Oyo State, Nigeria. Pakistan journal of social Sciences 4 (3): 474-479.

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