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Our undergraduate program in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension has a long-standing reputation for excellence in teaching, advising, and commitment to students. The department offers a B. Tech. in Agriculture with a major in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Extension. Currently, over 1000 students are enrolled in Agricultural Economics and Extension degrees. Our graduates enter the job market with a full set of skills that allow them to apply for jobs and graduate programmes anywhere in the world.

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The Department of Agricultural Economics offers studies leading to post graduate diploma (PGD), Master of Technology (M.Tech), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) in either Agricultural Economics or Agricultural Extension. Over 30 graduate students are enrolled in the Department. The M. Tech. program stresses a strong foundation in economic theory and quantitative analysis, and their application in agriculturally related areas. Students may select from a variety of specialties and complete their thesis. The Ph.D program prepares students to conduct quantitatively-based economic research and analysis of managerial and policy questions. Doctoral study in the Department of Agricultural Economics leads to rewarding careers in industry, government, and higher education.

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The Department also conducts an active outreach program to provide information and education on issues of significance to agriculture and rural areas in Nigeria particularly, Oyo and Osun states. All of the Department's extension and outreach information can be found in the newsletters that are well circulated.