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OKUNADE, Esther Omolabake (PhD) (Mrs.)


Status: Professor

Area of Specialisation: Rural Sociology &Extension (Rural Development, Leadership & Gender Issues)

Professional Affiliations: Member,

Member, Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria.

Member, Nigeria Rural Sociological Association.

Office Address: Ghana House


Web page:

Educational Qualification: B. Agric, M.Sc, PhD

Research Publications:

Okunade, E.O., Oladosu,I.O and Laogun, E.A (2005): Harnessing leadership status of women for participation in women-based rural development project under a deregulated economy in Osun State in Journal of Nigerian Rural Sociology vol 5 No1 &2 pg 17 –23

Oladosu, I.O., Okunade, E.O. and Jibowo, A.A (2005) : Economic Deregulation and the Adoption of Recommended Practices of Rural poultry keeping in Ola-Oluwa Local Government Area of Osun State. Journal of Nigerian Rural Sociology. Vol 5 N0 1 & 2 pg 149 - 154

Okunade, E.O. (2006) Factors Influencing Adoption of Improved Farm Practices Among Women Farmers in Osun State. Journal of Human Ecology Vol.19, No 1 pg 45 - 49


Adewale, J.G. and Okunade, E.O. (2006): Contributions of Local Leaders to Community Development in Irepo Local Government of Oyo-State in Africa: Journal of Cultures &Ideas Vol.4, Nos 2&3 

Oladosu I.O and Okunade E.O(2006): Perception of village Extension Agents in Disseminating Agricultural Information in Oyo Agricultural zone of Oyo state the Anthropologist India 

Okunade,E.O and Jibowo A.A. (2007) :Innovation Characteristics associated with adoption of the improved farm technologies in Ife/Ijesa Agricultural Zone of Osun State, Nigeria. Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development Vol.1 No.1 pg.70-83.

Okunade, E.O. (2007) Accessibility of Agricultural Credits and Inputs to Women Farmers of Isoya Rural Development Project : Research Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences,Vol .3 No.3 pg 138-142.

Okunade, E.O(2007): Effectiveness of Extension Teaching Methods in Acquiring knowledge, skill and attitude by Women Farmers in Osun State. Journal of Applied Sciences Research, Vol.3 No 4 pg 282-286.

Okunade, E.O. and Yekini,O.T(2007): Women Participation in Forest Management Practices for Sustainable livelihood in Abeokuta Local Government Ogun State. Research Journal of Applied Sciences 2(4):377-381.
Yekini,O.T and Okunade, E.O.(2007):Natural Resources Utilization and Livelihood Strategies in Rural Communities: Implications for Poverty Reduction. Research Journal of Applied Sciences 2(3):335-339 .

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