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OGUNWALE, Abel Babalola (Professor)

Status: Professor

Area of Specialisation:

Professional Affiliations:

Associate Member, Nigerian Institute of Management (AMMIN)
Research Collaborator, Alley Farming Network for Tropical Africa (AFNETA).
Member, Nigerian Rural Sociological Association (NRSA)
Member, Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON)
Member, Children-in-Agriculture Programme (CIAP)
Member, Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists
Member, Nigeria Participatory Rural Appraisal Network (NIPRANET)
Member, African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS)
Member, Global Development Network

Office Address: Ghana House


Web page:

Educational Qualification: B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD

Some Research Publications:

OGUNWALE, A. B. (2002)  “Influence of Socio-economic characteristics on Women Participation in Rural Community Development Programmes in Nigeria. A Case Study Journal of Rural Development. Afro-Asian Rural Development Organisation.  India. Pp 65 – 75.

AMAO, J.O; YUSUFF, S.A. and OGUNWALE A.B. (2002): Economics of Yam Production: A Case Study of Small Scale Yam Farmer’s-Production System in Ogbomoso North Local Government area of Oyo State, Nigeria. The Indian Journal of Economics. Vol. LXXXII No 326 Pp 289 – 402.

OGUNWALE A.B (2002):  “Influence of Extension Agents on small Scale Farmers
Adoption Process of Selected improved Crop Varieties in Ogbomoso Agricultural Zone of Oyo State Nigeria.  Journal of Rural Development and Administration.  Pakistan Academic for Rural Development Peshawar – Pakistan, Vol. XXXIV No, 1-4 . Pp. 69 – 81

OGUNWALE A.B (2003) “ Adoption of Farm Innovations Among Rural Women in Ogbomoso North Local Government Area, Nigeria.  International Journal of Gender and Health Studies.  Development Universal Consortia. Vol. 1, No. 1
ISN 1597-0191

OGUNWALE, A. B. (1999). Essential Conditions for Improving Communication
and Contacts Between Extension Workers and Small –scale farmers in Nigerian Agricultural development Programmes. A case study of Oyo and Osun States Agricultural Development Programmes. Journal of Rural Development & Administration Vol: XXXI, No. 2,.Pp 1- 8.

OGUNWALE, A. B. (2004) “Factors Associated with Participation of Rural People in      Community Development Projects in Ogo-Oluwa Local Government Area of Oyo   State.  Journal of The Nigerian Rural Sociological Association. Vol. 4 Nos 1 &2: pp

OGUNWALE A.B (2004): Influence of Land and Tree-Use Related Factors on the Adoption of Agro-forestry System.  A case of Alley Farming in South Western Nigeria.  International Journal of Food and Agricultural Research, Vol. 1, No.1 and 2: pp 90-99

ADEDAPO, K. D. and OGUNWALE, A. B. (2004).  The Effectiveness of Systemic Linkage between Agricultural Research and Extension Organisation in South West Nigeria. Internationl Journal of African Culture and Ideals (IJACI) Vol. 4 No 1, pp 8-14

OGUNWALE, A. B. (2004  “Participation of Women in Small Scale Farming in
Ogbomoso Agricultural Zone of Oyo State Nigeria.  Journal of Rural Sociology, Nigerian Congress of Rural Sociologists, Vol      Nos       pp 24-31,
OGUNWALE, A. B. (2005) “A case study of  Small-Scale Farmers Participation in Nigerian Agricultural Development Programmes: Oyo and Osun State Agricultural Development Programmes”.  Journal of Rural Development. South Korea Institute of Economics. Vol. 28, No 1 pp 85-96.

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