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RAUFU, Mufutau Oyedapo (Mr.)

Status: Assistant Lecturer

Area of Specialisation:


Project/research(es) in progress:

Land use and Land Management Practices in Crop Production in Osun State, Nigeria

Professional Affiliations: Member,

Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists

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Educational Qualification:

B.Sc (Agricultural Economics),
M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics), Ph.D in view (Agricultural Economics)

Research Publications:

              • Raufu, M.O. (1995): Economic Analysis of Post Harvest Loses and Contractual Arrangement in Fruit Production and Processing: A case study of Fiditi in Afijo Local Government. B.Sc. Dissertation, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan.
              • Raufu, M.O. (1995): Measures of Plan Distortion, Oyo State Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resource and Rural Development(MANR&D). M.Sc. Dissertation, Department of  Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan.
              • Raufu, M.O, Oladejo, J.A. and Ezekiel, A(2004)    Evaluation of the Agricultural Loan Scheme of the Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, Implication for Agricultural Development in Oyo State, Nigeria. Research Communications in Management 1 (4): 17-23.
              • Raufu, M.O, Akinniran, T.N and Oloko O(2005): Profitability of Beekeeping in Oyo State Agricultural Zone. International Journal of Applied and Apicultural Research1 (1): 57 – 65.
              • Olaniyi, O. A, and Raufu, M.  O. (2004): Youth Participation in Rural Development; Case Study of Lagelu Local Government Area of Oyo State International Journal of Biological and Physical Sciences, Science Focus 9 (2):113-116.
              • Oladosu, I. O, Raufu, M.O and Ezekiel, A.(2005): Economic Analysis and Extension Training Needs of Fish Farming in Osun State of Nigeria. Research Communications in Fisheries. 1 (2):116.
              • Adebayo, O.O, Raufu M.O and Adesiyan I.O. (2005): An Investigation of Factors Affecting productivity of Goat in Asa Local Government,  Kwara State. Journal of  Contemporary Issues LAUTECH Ogbomoso.
              • Okunade, E. O, Olaniyi O.A ad Raufu, M.O (2004). Determinants of Household Food Security in Ejigbo Local Government Osun State. Journal of Research in Agriculture, University of Uyo, Uyo.
Adetunji, M.A. Olaniyi, O. A and Raufu, M.O. (2005): Assessment of Benefits Derived from Cocoa Development Unit (CDU) by Cocoa Farmers in Oluyole Local Government Area of Oyo State. Journal of Human Ecology (Kre), India.


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