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SALIMONU, Kayode Kabiru (PhD)

DR salimonu

Status: Assistant Lecturer

Area of Specialisation: Agricultural Policy and Development

Project/research(es) in progress:        

Political Economy and Fertilizer Distribution

Professional Affiliations: Member,

Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists

Nigerian Rural Sociological Association

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Web page:

Educational Qualification:

B.Tech (Agricultural Economics & Extension),
M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics)

PhD (Agricultural Economics)

Research Publications:

      • Salimonu, K.K. (1996). Impact of Nigeria Agricultural and Cooperative Bank (NACB) on small scale farmers in Ibadan, B.Tech. Dissertation, Agricultural Economics and Extension Department, LAUTECH, Ogbomoso.
      • Salimonu, K.K. (1999). Economics of Honey Production in Modern Bee-Keeping Techniques in Oyo State, Nigeria, M.Sc. Dissertation, Agricultural Economics Department, University of Ibadan.
      • Salimonu, K.K. (2007). Attitude to Risk in Resource Allocation among Food Crop Farmers in Osun State Nigeria, PhD Dissertation, Agricultural Economics Department, University of Ibadan (2007
      • Akintola J.O. and K.K. Salimonu (2001): Economies of Honey Production Using Modern Technology: A Preliminary Investigation in Oyo State; Journal of Tropical Forest Resources Vol. 17, (1), 2001. 160-167.
      • Akinbile L.A., Salimonu K.K. and Ishola T. (2005): Determinants of Production Level of Commercial Snail farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria; African Journal of Livestock Extension Vol. 4, 2005. 34-37.
      • Salimonu K.K, J.O. Atoyebi and W.A. Sanusi (2006): Income Inequality, Poverty and Social Welfare among Government and Private Employees in Lagos and Osun State of Nigeria; Agricultural Journal Vol. 1 (4), 2006. 315-319.
      • S.A. Yusuf, K.K. Salimonu and U.B. Ajueshi (2007): An ARCH-M Analysis of Liberalization and Rice Distribution in Nigeria.  Research Journal of Applied Sciences 2 (3):225-228 2007
    • Salimonu, K.K. and Yekinni, O.T. (2006): Determinants of Participation in Off-farm Income Activities among Food Crop Farmers in Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria; Book of  proceedings Annual Conference NAAE 2006.167 -172
    • Yekinni, O. T., K. K. Salimonu and K. Y. Ogunleye (2006). Assessment of Policy Factors for Effective Agricultural Enterprises in Nigeria: Oyo State as a Case Study; Book of Proceedings Annual Conference NAAE 2006.175-184
    • Yusuf, S.A., Salimonu, K.K. and Ojo, O .T. (2007). Determinants of Willingness to Pay for Improved Household Solid Waste Management in Oyo State, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Extension, Vol. 6( 57 – 63) 2007 University of Ibadan


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