Staff profile

OLADEEBO, Job Olatunji (PhD)



Area of Specialisation:

Resource Economics;
Production Economics and Farm Management; Agricultural Marketing

Proejct/research(es) in progress:

  1. Comparative Analysis of Demand for Fuel Wood and Environmental Implications in Surulere and Oriire Local Government Areas of Oyo State, Nigeria.  
  2. Land Tenure and Efficiency: Application of Stochastic Analysis to Rice Farms in Two Ecological Zones of South Western Nigeria.
  3. Effect of Gender Factor on Cost Efficiency of Cassava Based Farms  in Oyo State.


Professional Affiliations: Member,

Office Address: Ghana House


Web page:

Educational Qualification:

  • Ph. D (Agricultural Economics)  (28th  Feb. 2007)
  • M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics)  (22nd  June, 2000)
  • B. Agric (Agricultural Economics)  (25th May, 1994)

Research Publications:

i.  Oladeebo, J.O. (2004) “Farm Size and Technical Efficiency: Evidence from
       Derived Savannah Ecological Zone of Osun State, Nigeria” Science Focus, 6:
ii. Oladeebo, J.O.; Sanusi, W.A. and Adejo, R.F.(2004): “Effect of Credit
       Availability on Land Use Intensity in the Forest Zone of Ogun State, Nigeria”. 
       African Journal of Contemporary Issues. 2(2):213-221.
iii.  Oladeebo, J.O. (2004) “Resource-Use Efficiency of small and Large Scale
        Farmers in South Western Nigeria: Implications for Food Security”.
        International Journal of Food and Agricultural Research 1(1 and 2): 227-235, 
         Dec 2004.
iv.   Oladeebo, J.O. and S.O. Ojo (2005) “Effect of Off-Farm Employment on Land
        Use Intensity in Oyo State, Nigeria”. International Journal of Applied
        Agricultural and Apicultural Research. 1(1):25-30.
v. Oladeebo, J.O. and W.A. Sanusi (2005) “Economic Analysis of Cowpea
           Production in Saki West Local Government Area of Oyo State. Implications for
 Poverty Eradication and Food Security. Nigeria Journal of Rural Sociology 5(1 
 and 2):67-73.
vi.  Ezekiel A.A.; J.O. Oladeebo; J.A.Oladejo; F. Olapade and O.A. Adeleke
      (2007): “Farm Gate and Retail price Relationship for Selected Food Stuffs:
      Implication for Increased Food Production in Nigeria”. Agricultural Journal  
vii. J.O. Oladeebo and A.I. Ambe-Lamidi (2006): “Profitability, Input Elasticities and
    Economic Efficiency of Poultry Production among Youth Farmers in Osun State,
     Nigeria” International Journal of Poultry Science 5(10):XX-XX 2006. In Press.
viii. Oladeebo,J.O.  and A.A. Fajuyigbe (2007): “Technical Efficiency  of Men and
     Women upland Rice Farmers in Osun State, Nigeria”. Journal of Human
     Ecology 22 (2):000-000, 2007. In Press.
ix. Oladeebo,J.O.  and O.E.Oladeebo (2007): “Determinants of Loan Repayment
      Among Smallholder Farmers in Ogbomoso Agricultural Zone of Oyo State,
       Nigeria”, Journal of Social Sciences.
x. Oladeebo,J.O. (2007): “Determinants of women Farmers’ Land Management
      Decisions in Osun State of Nigeria”, Journal of Social Sciences.

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