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EZEKIEL, A. Alani (Mr.)


Status: Assistant Lecturer

Area of Specialisation:

Agricultural Marketing and Environmental Economics

Professional Affiliations: Member,

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Educational Qualification:

B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD in view

Research Publications:

  1. Adetunji M.O. and Ezekiel A.A.  (2005).  Comparative Analysis of Pork and Chevron Marketing in Ibandan Metropolis in Oyo State, Nigeria. International Journal of Applied Agricultural and Apicultural Research 2 (1): 38-46, 2005.
  1. I.O. Oladosu M.O. Rauf and A.A. Ezekiel (2005). Economic Analysis and Extension Training needs of Fish Farming in Osun State of Nigeria, Research Communication Nigeria. 2: 45-50.


  1. M.O. Raufu, J.A. Oladejo and A.A. Ezekiel (2005). Evaluation of the Agricultural Loan Scheme of the Union Bank of Nigeria Research Communication, Nigeria. 2: 144-149.
  1. M.O. Adetunji and A.A. Ezekiel (2006). Occupational Hazards of Frozen Fish Marketing in  Sagamu Local Government Area of Ogun State.  India Journal of Social Sciences


  1. A.A. Ezekiel, J.A. Oladejo and M.O. Adetunji (2006). Economic Analysis of Cocoa Marketing in Ondo State of Nigeria. India Journal of Social Sciences


  1. F.I. Olagunju, I.O. Adesiyan and A.A. Ezekiel (2006). Economic Viability of Cat Fish Production in Oyo State, Nigeria.


vii       A.A. Ezekiel, J.O. Oladeebo, J.A. Oladejo, F.Olapade and O.A. Adeleke, (2007). Farm-gate and Retail price Relationship for selected food stuffs: Implication for increased food production in Nigeria.  Agricultural Journal 2(5): 542-543,
viii.    A.A. Ezekiel and I.A. Ajibefun (2007). Management of Production Risk by Cocoa q                            Farmers in Ondo West Local Government Area of Ondo State.
ix.       A.A. Ezekiel, K.D. Adedapo and F. Olapade (2006). Technical Efficiency of Rice Farmers   
          in Ilesa Agricultural Zone of Osun State.  (Afro-Euro Centre for Development Studies  
 Tel: +48505296287.

x.      A.A. Ezekiel, (2006). Comparative Analysis on the Marketing Efficiency of an individual  
         and Group Processors of Yam Flour in Mapamoro Local Government Area of Kogi State.
         India Journal of Social Science

xi.    A.A. Ezekiel (2007). Optimum Farm Plan for Food Security among Small Scale Farmers in
         Ondo State, Nigeria.

xii.   A.A. Ezekiel, Y.L. Fabiyi, J.O. Ladeebo, M.O. Adetunji and O.A. Adeleke (2007).
        Economic Analysis of Yam Flakes Production and Distribution in Ogo-Oluwa Local 
       Government Area of Oyo State


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