Staff profile

ADEPOJU, Adebusola Adenike (Mrs)


Status: Assistant Lecturer

Area of Specialisation: Resource Economics

Professional Affiliations: Member,

Farm Management Association of Nigeria (FAMAN)
Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economist (NAAE)
Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (aESON)
National Association of Educational Research and Evaluators (NAERE)

Office Address: Ghana House


Web page:

Educational Qualification: M.Sc (Agric. Econs) Ibadan, B.Tech (Agric. Econs and Ext.) Akure

Project/research in progress: Social Capital, household welfare and poverty reduction in Nigeria

Research Publications:

Determinants of Willingness to Pay for Improved Water Supply in Osogbo Metropolis. (Co-author B.T Omonona)                                                                          

  • Economic Valuation of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs). (Co-author A. S Salau)  
  • The Effects of External Debt Management on Sustainable Economic Growth and Development: Lessons from Nigeria. (Co-author A. S Salau and A. E. Obayelu)
  • Efficiency of Yam Flour Processors in Mopamuro Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria. (Co-author: A.A Ezekiel)
  • Poverty in Nigeria: Concept, Incidence, Measurement and Remedies. (Co-authors: A.A Ezekiel and O.A Akinboye)
  • Socio-economic Factors Affecting Kolanut Production in Ifedore Local Government Area, Ondo State. (Co-author: S.D Yomi Alfred)
  • Economics of Cocoyam Production and Marketing in Ekiti East Local Government Area, Ekiti State, Nigeria. (Co-author: D.J Awodunmuyila)
  • Factors Affecting Women’s Participation in Community Development in Ife Central Local Government Area, Osun State Nigeria. (Co-authors: S.D Yomi Alfred and O.Adeyeni).

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