This is the latest edition of IJAERD. It is that of the first quarter (March) 2012. The articles published in it are downloadable as given in the table of content.

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  1.  1

Assessment of Farmers’ Perceived Utilization of the Entertainment – Education Format for Sourcing Agricultural Information in Southeastern, Nigeria

Olajide B. R.

1 – 9

  1.  2

Assessment of training Needs of Cassava Processors for Increased Productivity in Ogbomoso Agricultural Zone of Oyo State

Ogunleye, K. Y., O. A. Olaniyi and D.  I. Adedeji

10 – 17

  1.  3

Challenges of Risk Management among Smallholder Farmers in Ebonyi State, Nigeria: Implications for National Food Security

Okereke, C. O.

18 – 27

  1.  4

Determinants of market participation of maize farmers in rural Osun state of Nigeria

Adenegan, K. O., A. Adepoju and L.O.E.  Nwauwa

28 – 39

  1.  5

Economic Appraisal of Performance of Small and Medium Scale Poultry Egg Production in Ogun State, Nigeria

Oladeebo, J. O. and S.O. Ojo

40 – 45

  1.  6

Economics of raising African Giant Land Snail (Archachatina marginata) in Osun State, Nigeria

Baruwa, O. I., P. O. Abogan and R. Kassali

46 – 54

  1.  7

Evaluation of Socioeconomic Characteristics that determine Transaction with Mobile Bankers (“Alajo”) among Farming Households in South-Western, Nigeria

Apata, O. M. and G. A.  Shitu,

55 – 62

  1.  8

Marketing Margin and Price Transmission Analysis for Beef in Benin Metropolis

Ojogho, O., P.O. Erhabor, C.O. Emokaro, J. Ahmadu

63 – 73

  1.  9

Poultry farmers awareness and knowledge of improved production practices in Afijio, local government area, Oyo state, Nigeria

Oyeyinka, R. A., W. K. Raheem, I. F. Ayanda and B. G. Abiona

74 – 82

  1.  10

Relative technical efficiency of credit and non-credit users in rice-based enterprises in Lavun local government area, Niger state, Nigeria

Tanko, L., R. Ajani and O.B Adeniji

83 – 94


Women’s awareness and utilization of agroforestry practices in Oluyole local government area of Oyo state, Nigeria

Bankole, A. S., A. E. Adekoya and C. N. Nwawe

95 – 103


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