VOL 2, NO. 2 EDITION OF our journal

This is the FOURTH edition of IJAERD. It is that of the second quarter (June) 2009. The articles published in it are downloadable as given in the table of content.

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Agriculture on the Road to Industrialisation and Sustainable Economic growth: An Empirical Investigation for Pakistan

Qazi Muhammad Adnan Hye

1 – 6


Challenges to traditional livelihood activities of women in Eastern Obolo, Niger Delta region, Nigeria

Okoro, G. I. and  S. O. Odebode

7 – 13


Determinants of poverty among fish farming households in Osun state, Nigeria

Amao J .O, T. T. Awoyemi, B. T. Omonona and A. O. Falusi

14 – 25


Effect of price and income changes on farmers’ cassava marketed surplus in Edo state, Nigeria

Ojogho, O. and G.  O. Alufohai,

26 - 32


Farmers’ perception of the factors militating against rubber production in Edo and Delta states of Nigeria

Banmeke, T.O.A. and F. E. Omoregbee

33 – 39


Profit efficiency of small scale cowpea farmers in Niger state, Nigeria

Ojo, M. A., U. S. Mohammed, A. O. Ojo E. S.  Yisa and J. H. Tsado

40 – 48


The impact of transportation on agricultural production in a developing country: a case of kolanut production in Nigeria

Ajiboye, A. O. and O. Afolayan,

49 – 57


The Interactive Effect of Different Land Conditions and Management System on Crop Production in South-Western Nigeria

Raufu, M. O. and Y. L. Fabiyi

58 – 66


The use of indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) in rice production by farmers in Ekiti state, Nigeria

Kuponiyi, F. A. and E. O. Bamigboye

67 – 74




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