VOL 1, NO. 2 EDITION OF our journal

This is the second edition of IJAERD. It is that of the fourth quarter (December) 2008. The articles published in it are downloadable and are as given in the table of content.

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Access to fertiliser subsidy among food crop farmers in Osun state, Nigeria

Salimonu K. K.

1 – 7


An assessment of agricultural extension activities to cocoa farmers in Ekiti west local government area of Ekiti state

Oladosu, I. O. and O. T. Yekinni

8 – 15


Analysis of off-farm work among farming Households in Oyo state

Amao, J. O.

16 – 24


Analysis of maize farmers’ productivity in Surulere local government area of Oyo state

Oyewo, I. O. and Y. L. Fabiyi

25 – 34


Appraisal of finance constraints to small scale farming in Etsako east local government area of Edo state

Awotodunbo, A. A

35 – 41


Attitudinal disposition of children towards participation in cassava processing activities in Oyo state

Olaniyi, O. A., J. G. Adewale and A. R. Ayoade

42 – 47


Child labour and schooling in rural areas of Nigeria

Badmus, M. A. and V. O. Akinyosoye

48 – 55


Cost structures analysis in the Nigerian insurance market: a Translog Approach

Usman, A.

56 – 68


Economics of palm oil processing in South-western Nigeria

Olagunju, F. I.

69 – 77


Information needs of cowpea farmers in Ibadan/Ibarapa Agricultural zone of Oyo state, Nigeria

Adeola, R. G., J. G. Adewale and O. O. Adebayo,

78 – 83


Labour use pattern among farmers in Ife central local government area of Osun state

Awotodunbo, A. A.

84 – 92


Marketing analysis of plantain in Owo and Ose local government areas of Ondo state

Oladejo, J. A. and W. A. Sanusi

93 – 101


Technical efficiency of maize farmers in Ogbomoso agricultural zone of Oyo state

Adedapo, K. D

102 – 107


The incidence and severity of poverty among small – scale farmers in Ogbomoso area of Oyo state

Fabiyi, Y. L., M. O. Adetunji and J. T. Ayanwola

108 – 114


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