VOL 1, NO. 1 EDITION OF our journal

This is the Maiden edition of IJAERD. It is that of the third quarter (September) 2008. The articles published in it are downloadable and are as given in the table of content.

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Adeola, R. G., Adebayo, O. O. and G. O. Oyelere

Assessment of the Federal Government Special Rice Programme

1 – 6   


Adepoju, A. A

Technical efficiency of egg production in Osun state

7 – 14


Adetunji, M. O. and I. O. Adesiyan

Economic analysis of plantain marketing in Akinyele local government area in Oyo state, Nigeria

15 – 21


Banmeke T. O. A. and M. T. Ajayi

Farmers’ Perception of Agricultural Information Resource Centres: A Case Study of Ago-Are Resource Centre, Oyo State, Nigeria

22 – 29


Ogunleye, K. Y., R. G. Adeola and I. O. Ibigbami

Gender roles in cassava processing activities among processors in Ogo-Oluwa local government area of Oyo state

30 – 37


Ogunniyi, L. T.

Profit efficiency among cocoyam producers in Osun  state , Nigeria

38 – 46


Oladipo, F. O., A. Ayandiji and M. Akande

The roles of youth in maize production in Surulere local Government Area, Oyo state, Nigeria

47 – 52


Olagunju, F. I. and R. Adeyemo

Evaluation of the operational performance of the Nigerian agricultural credit cooperative and rural development, (NACRDB) South-Western Nigeria

53 – 67


Salimonu, K. K., A. O. Falusi, V. O. Okoruwa and S. A. Yusuf

Modelling Efficient Resource Allocation Patterns for Food Crop Farmers in Nigeria: An Application of T- MOTAD Analysis

68 – 77


Yekinni, O. T., K. K. Salimonu and K. Y. Ogunleye

Assessment of Government input policy for effective agricultural enterprises in Oyo state

78 – 87



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