Welcome To The Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension - AEE

The department of Agricultural and Extension is one of the first established seventeen academic departments in the Institution. It had its first set of undergraduate students in October, 1990 and has one of the largest student populations in the institution.

We believe students are the heart of the learning process. Students are tomorrow's leaders, and we value the privilege of working for them today. Just for starters, we offer students a nationally-recognized faculty; award-winning programmes; and a student-focused learning community. We are excited to share with you the many ways we invest in students, so you can invest a career.


The Department of Agricultural Economics offers studies leading to post graduate diploma (PGD), Master of Technology (M.Tech), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) in either Agricultural Economics or Agricultural Extension. Over 30 graduate students are enrolled in the Department. The M. Tech. program stresses a strong foundation in economic theory and quantitative analysis, and their application in agriculturally related areas.


Our undergraduate program in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension has a long-standing reputation for excellence in teaching, advising, and commitment to students. The department offers a B. Tech. in Agriculture with a major in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Extension.